Quit Smoking after 33 years
Lonette Quits! After smoking for 33 years, Lonette Richardson quit smoking earlier this year after a friend referred her to 1-800-NO-BUTTS. "I got tired of buying cigarettes and not being able to breathe. So, one day, I decided to quit and prayed to God to take away the taste of cigarettes." In addition to using the patch, Lonette very much appreciated all the help and information she received from the Helpline during her quitting process. "I love the way I feel now -- I can breathe more easily, I have more energy, and my hair and skin look so much better. Thank you for your help and God bless you."

Congratulations, Lonette!
Quit Smoking

Here's how much it costs to smoke:

1 pack a day habit - $5
Weekly - $35
Monthly - $150
Yearly - $1800

Here's approximately how much it costs to quit smoking:

Bupropion (as found in Zyban and Wellbutrin)
Smoking Deterrent Tablets - $0-$169/mo.
Nicotine Patches - $0-$45/month
Cessation class - $0-$150
Doctor's visit for prescription - $0-$50
Maximum: $414


Can you afford to NOT quit smoking this year?

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