Our Mission

As a Local Lead Agency for tobacco prevention and control, the Riverside County Tobacco Control Project (TCP) builds partnerships and leadership, informs the community, develops, conducts, supports, mobilizes, and energizes strategic tobacco control efforts in Riverside County.

We address tobacco consumption through education, advocacy, and creating health promoting/disparity reducing policies and programs. This will eventually lead to increased quit rates, initiation reduction, and smoke-free environments. We will complete our mission by collaborating with new and existing partners.

  1. To reduce morbidity (illness) and mortality (death) rates among Riverside County Residents associated with the use of tobacco and/or exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS).
  2. To advocate for progressive tobacco control issues.
  3. To change perception and reduce the acceptability of tobacco use among Riverside County populations through advocacy and education.
  4. To prevent and decrease the incidence and prevalence of tobacco use by youth under 18 years of age and young adults 18-24 years of age.
  5. To increase tobacco treatment rates among youth and adult tobacco users.
  6. To decrease exposure to ETS (Secondhand and Third-hand smoke).
  7. To reduce Riverside County health disparities related to tobacco use and its effects among its diverse population.

California Proposition 99 (prop 99)

Riverside County Tobacco Control Project is funded by California’s Proposition 99. The initiative, which was passed in 1988, increased tax on cigarettes from .10 to .35. Since Prop 99’s passage there has been a drop in the smoking prevalence in Riverside County from 20.1 to 14.3 and in California from 26% to 13% (California Department of Public Health/California Tobacco Control Program, 2009).

Along with tobacco prevention education, the Tobacco Control Project also provides staff support and technical assistance to a local Tobacco Control Coalition. The coalition members represent various local communities’ organizations throughout Riverside County. The Coalition has spearheaded numerous public policies and community activities. For more information call (951) 358-4977.

Assembly Bill 846 (AB 846)

What Does the Law Say?
The law, which originated as Assembly Bill 846 (AB 846), amends California Government Code Sections 7596-7598, to prohibit smoking within 20 feet of a main entrance, exit, and operable window of all public buildings (buildings owned and occupied, or leased and occupied by the state, county, or city) as well as buildings on the campuses of the University of California (UC), California State University (CSU), and California community colleges, effective January 1, 2004. For the law to be effective, a sign must be posted describing the no smoking prohibition.

What is a "Public" Building?
Section 7596(a) of the law defines a public building as "...a building owned and occupied, or leased and occupied by the state, a county, a city, a city and county, or a California community college district." The law applies to all state, county, and city government buildings. The new law does NOT apply to privately owned buildings unless they are leased or occupied by a state, county, or city agency.

County of Riverside Ordinance No. 866

The purpose of this ordinance is to prohibit the smoking of tobacco on property owned or leased by the County of Riverside, except in designated smoking areas. In order to serve the public health, safety and welfare, this ordinance is intended to protect nonsmokers to the maximum extent possible from the health hazard, annoyance and discomfort of second hand smoke in public places. This ordinance is intended to be supplemental to Government Code section 7597 and Board of Supervisors Policy A-23 which already prohibits smoking in public buildings.

Smoking is prohibited on all County Property, whether enclosed or unenclosed, except in a designated smoking area.

Tobacco Retail Licensing (TRL)

Coalition for Tobacco-Free Communities (CTFC)

Organizations and institutions participating in the CTFC are partnering for a healthy and smoke-free Riverside County. Our efforts work on all of the tobacco issues affecting our communities. The CTFC aims to improve quality of life through advocacy, education, and policy development, thereby reducing tobacco related health disparities.

Mission Statement: The Coalition shall work toward the elimination of the harmful effects of tobacco use on public health and community well-being, and provide leadership toward the creation of a tobacco-free lifestyle and environment for all Riverside County residents. The Coalition shall be the organizational entity for coalescing the voice, (public and private) – reflecting the broadest cross-section of the county.

CTCFC dates
Thursday, February 17 from 12pm-2pm (Sherman Building-Baker Room)
Wednesday, April 20 from 12pm-2pm (Sherman Building-Baker Room)
Wednesday, July 20 from 12pm-2pm (Sherman Building-Baker Room)
Wednesday, December 7 from 12pm-2pm (Sherman Building-Baker Room)